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The Self-Defense Academy
That Transforms Lifes Skills

Transformational Self-Defense

Developing a sense of self
worth fighting for.

CEK Boxing Gloves

The Physical Edge

Confidence in Your Body
Your body is your means to accomplish all action in your life—so take care of it.

CEK Tomoe

The Mental Edge

Confidence in Your Mind
Your mind is your means to decide what actions to take—so use it well.

CEK Yin Yang

The Spiritual Edge

Confidence in Your Character
Your character is your means to self-esteem and happiness—so build it with integrity.

Building Confidience Belt by Belt Over 20 Years

" Since my son started taking martial arts lessons at CEK, his attitude toward everything has improved significantly. The instructors made it clear that self-respect & self-discipline are necessary in all you do, and he has applied that lesson to all facets of his life. "

Johnson Family

" There has been such a transformation in my daughter since she began martial arts training. She is more focused on her school work and has taken on new responsibilities around the house. I know that a big part of her new maturity is CEK’s attention to conditioning both her physical and mental well-being. "

Sands Family

" My children started martial arts training for different reasons: one needed to overcome shyness and the other needed to improve focus due to ADHD. After trying three other martial arts schools with no satisfaction, we went to CEK. We saw major improvements in both the very first week. We can’t stop smiling because our children our blossoming and enjoying life. "

Horowitz Family

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