Competitive Edge Karate



      Message from the Master of Competitive Edge Karate

      Competitive Edge Karate is a Martial Arts System designed to achieve goals and build confidence through a clear, compelling, principle driven approach to self-defense training. All students (or parents of students) start researching martial arts training for different objectives. However, they want similar results and that is self-confidence. Whether it’s overcoming being timid or to develop more discipline in their daily lives– at the end of the day they really want to achieve a confidence level that’s unshakeable.

      I have almost forty years of martial arts experience and haven’t answered a phone call at any martial arts school that I’ve worked for or owned where the person on the other line asked about what kicks or punches we teach. Although the style of martial arts is very important, it’s normally not the reason for training.

      It’s safe to say that 90% of all martial arts schools have comparable language on their websites and will give you pretty much the same selling pitch. Most of it is an empty slogan about their product or their academy where they offer a “feel good” martial arts system that only works for exceptionally athletic students with structure and confidence in their lives gained from good parenting, not the martial arts training as advertised. We all market our martial arts schools by showing and highlighting our best students during karate demonstrations, but it’s not always the truth about the real product we offer.


      At CEK, we have one Point Of View for all students.

      We train our students for excellence in a controlled, safe environment. Here, they learn how to fall down and get up; how to take risks; learn from mistakes and celebrate successes. They receive opportunities to teach and run classes; to make independent decisions, and they learn how to persevere for the long term. They develop qualities and skills that will serve them well both in childhood and as adults.

      How we teach & Why we do it?

      CEK has a very unique process for delivering martial arts to our students. After testing over 300 students for Black Belt, we have decided to take a good look on why the product is not the same as it was five to ten years ago. Part of the reason comes down to the characters of the students are not the same and their reasons for training in martial arts are not the same.

      I’m a 6th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and an 8th Degree Black Belt in American Open Style Karate. I have 38 years of martial arts experience, an Amateur Boxer/Kickboxing Champion and a very decorated career as a Professional Full Contact Kickboxing fighter. I’ve coached several fight teams with over 20 Championship Titles. I have worked all along the East Coast training with master instructors, childhood educators and teaching different styles of martial arts. With all that being said, my goal for teaching martial arts has always been very different — “build true confidence and develop worthy character traits within students.” (Click here to read more about me)

      To build true confidence in martial arts – we have learned that fight training has worked the best. Most martial arts students’ biggest fear is getting hit too hard in class or being attacked outside the classroom. Now, there are many different aspects of martial arts that build confidence but learning how to defend yourself is very high on the list for students and parents.