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      Kyoshi Dabney’s Bio



      Kyoshi Roger Dabney, the Master Instructor of Competitive Edge Karate, has been in the martial arts for more than 38 years. Kyoshi has been teaching in Henrico’s Far West End for more than 29 years and has worked with the Henrico County School System teaching after school enrichment programs, kid clubs, career days, and occasional classroom visits at the elementary schools as a guest speaker about martial arts.

      Dabney started American Open Style Karate under Danny W. Wilson at age 14 in Ashland, VA. He had earned the level of first degree black belt by age 17 and started studying the art of Tae Kwon Do at age 22 under World Light Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion Jeff Smith in Alexander, VA. At the Jhoon Rhee Institute. He now holds a 8th Degree Black Belt in American Open Style Karate and a 6th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.

      Some of his other accomplishments include: 1981 Amateur Featherweight Kickboxing Champion; A Chosen Member of the 1984 United States 3-Man Karate Team; 1994 Virginia Welterweight Professional Kickboxing Champion; Ranked in the Top Ten in the World in 1994; 2001 Professional Second Ranked Middleweight Kickboxing Champion. Dabney has had the opportunity to work with some of the best martial arts masters around because of his world class level of achievement in kickboxing to perfect the art of kicking, punching, etc. Dabney has also spent more than twenty years training in boxing gyms along the east coast as a amateur and professional boxer/kickboxer.  He has trained with some of the top boxing coaches available and then returned back as a coach for many years.

      Throughout his career, Kyoshi Dabney has worked with many educators, psychologists, and entrepreneurs in numerous ventures and states. Combining those experiences with his own knowledge, he has developed an exciting, comprehensive system that integrates mental lessons with physical skills and personal development with individual accomplishments. Through this unique program, Kyoshi Roger Dabney and his staff teach life skills while providing some of the finest martial arts instruction available today. © 2009 Competitive Edge Karate

      Amateur Fighting Experience:
      • 50 Kickboxing Bouts
      • 25 Boxing Bouts

      Professional Fight Experience
      • 15 years as a pro fighter
      • Professional Record: 12-3-1
      • Four (4) Ten round bouts with (3) going the distance
      • Fought against fighters from many difference countries

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      • Kyoshi Dabney's Living Legend Award2015 – Inducted in the U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall Of Fame and received the Living Legend Award (Read the article here!)
      • 2012 – Awarded a charter sanction on December 15th under American Karate Academies National     Associations Grandmaster Jerry Piddington—Master Instructor over Korean Open Karate-Do Martial Arts System
      • 2012 – 6th Degree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do under Grandmaster Michael Coles of Coles Martial Arts Academy
      • 2012 – Certified Instructor of Verbal Self-Defense for Youth by Dr. George Thompson of Verbal Judo Institute through Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
      • 2011 – 8th Degree Black Belt American Karate Academies under founder Grandmaster Jerry Piddington
      • 2009 – 7th Degree Black Belt American Open Style Karate under Kyoshi Danny W. Wilson
      • 2004 – Relocated Competitive Edge Karate to new State of the Art Facility.
      • 2003 – The Living Legends Sports Award, presented by Hanshi Jerry Piddington, Jeff Smith, Bob Wall, Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Joe Lewis and Howard Jackson.
      • 2003 – 6th Degree Black Belt under Kyoshi Danny W. Wilson and Hanshi Jerry Piddington.
      • 2001 – Ranked #2 Super Middleweight under WKKO.
      • 2000 – Developed Fit for Life Kickboxing Video.
      • 2000 – Owner of Patent on T-Power Target Pad.
      • 1999 – 5th Degree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do under Michael Coles and Joseph Drabkin, products of Jhoon Rhee Institute.
      • 1996 – 4th Degree Black Belt under Master Mark Glazier – Founder of Master Glazier Karate in NY, NJ, PA.
      • 1996 – Developed T-Power Target Pad.
      • 1994 – Top Contender for Professional United States Welterweight Title. Lost to #1 Ranked Fighter in the World from Yugoslavia.
      • 1994 – 10th Ranked Kick Boxer under PKC sanctions.
      • 1994 – Won Professional Virginia Welterweight Title from 3-time State Champion.
      • 1992 – 5th Degree under Dan Wilson, American Open Style Karate System.
      • 1991 – 5th Degree under Legendary World Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion Joe Lewis.
      • 1986 – Participated on the United States Karate Team under Jeff Smith. Received trophy for Best Fight of Tournament in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
      • 1983 – Fought first Professional Kickboxing Match.
      • 1981 – Won Amateur VA State Title in Kickboxing, age 17.
      • 1981 – 1st Degree Black Belt under Dan Wilson, American Open Style Karate



      • 125 LB. Junior East Coast Amateur Kickboxing Title
      • 125 LB. WAKO International Amateur Kickboxing Title
      • 132 LB. East Coast Classics Amateur Kickboxing Title
      • 135 LB. IKF World Champion Amateur Kickboxing Title
      • 150 LB. Southeast Classics Amateur Kickboxing Title
      • 154 LB. East Coast Amateur Kickboxing Title
      • 175 LB. East Coast Amateur Kickboxing Title
      • 192 LB. East Coast Amateur Kickboxing Title
      • 160 LB. Virginia State Amateur Kickboxing Title
      • 154 LB. United States Amateur Kickboxing Title
      • 185 LB. United States Amateur Kickboxing Title
      • 3rd National Karate Sparring Champion
      • 4th National Karate Weapons Champion
      • 5th National Karate Traditional Forms Champion
      • 6th National Karate Musical Form Champion