Competitive Edge Karate



      Martial Arts Isn’t Just For Kids

      DonovanCompetitive Edge Karate martial arts training is an excellent personal-development activity for adults. We offer the most challenging and rewarding workout you can imagine. Richmond VA martial arts training works every muscle of your body. It will help to tone and shape you, bringing out extraordinary physical features.

      The benefits of martial arts are so plentiful, anyone can experience them, regardless of age. What’s more, you don’t need martial arts experience to become a student of CEK.   The only requirement is the desire to reach your full potential.

      Gain A Competitive Edge

      CEK wants each of their students to have confidence in every situation, and that includes being in harm’s way. When confronted by someone who intends to do you harm, it is natural to feel fear. Our students learn to turn the rush of fear into a powerful energy that when accompanied by swift and decisive moves, lets you overwhelm and neutralize the attacker and disarm them if they use a weapon against you. By combining multi-range techniques, students learn punches, kicks, grabs, and throws, constituting a complete martial arts system. After just a few classes, our students notice positive changes in their attitudes and physiques that they never thought possible.

      Physical Benefits of Martial Arts

      • Increased cardiovascular fitness
      • Improved muscle tone
      • Increased energy
      • Greater flexibility

      Mental Benefits of Martial Arts

      • Lower stress levels
      • Higher self-esteem
      • Better concentration and focus     


      CEK joins Forces with US Fighting Systems

      US Fighting Systems was developed by Dave Young, an internationally recognized defensive tactics trainer who has been training police, corrections and military professionals how to stay safe and defend themselves since 1980. Through his company, Arma Training, he offers over 50 professional training curricula to public safety professionals throughout the world.

      Advantagedefense-logos of our Program

      • Require just three steps to apply (gross-motor-skills-based)
      • Easily remembered under stress
      • Effective regardless of the student’s physical limitations
      • Same technique for both standing and ground fighting
      • Applicable while wearing street clothing and in all environments
      • Use of pain not required for effectiveness
      • Medically Sound – uses anatomically correct techniques
      • Courtroom Defensible – no terminology confusion
      • Tactically Sound – proven in real-world situations
      • Focused on improving future performance